WWE SmackDown Live | Shane McMahon and Kevin Owens beat themselves

Kevin Owens and Shane McMahon

WWE SmackDown Live | Shane McMahon and Kevin Owens beat themselves

Brutalo attack on Shane-o-Mac

Munich – Shortly before WWE Hell in a Cell 2017, Kevin Owens and Shane McMahon are already beating at SmackDown Live. Your duel on Sunday gets a new twist.

Five days before her showdown at WWE Hell in Cell 2017 – and before that, Shane McMahon and Kevin Owens were struggling violently.

At the end of the TV show WWE SmackDown Live, McMahon came to the ring and threatened Owens to avenge on Sunday for Owens’ bloody attack on Shane’s father Vince.

The WWE boss’s son – according to the story of SmackDown’s boss – also announced a change of control for Hell in a Cell: his match against Owens would also be a fall count anywhere match, so it can also be outside the ring (and outside the cage).

All the more, it is to be expected that the McMahon, known for his crazy stunts, again has an irreversible action from the cage. At his last Hell in a Cell Match against the Undertaker, he jumped from the cage six meters into the depth and crashed through a commentary table.

Kevin Owens misses Shane McMahon’s head

McMahon challenged Owens to come to the ring, but he showed up in the audience, whereupon McMahon followed him there and started a fight across the arena.

Owens missed McMahon before a foodstuff (“Hot Dogs, Bratwurst & More”) a powerbomb through a fan article table, then went back into the ring and threatened Shane-o-Mac for Sunday even worse. He would be beating him until he forgot the names of his children.

Shane rebelled again, but finally got a beating, including a similar brutal headbutt, as his father also conceded. Owens finally left the ring, while several ring-makers were taking care of Shane.

The other highlights:

– Only verbally escalated a clash of the tag team champions The New Day and the Usos, which also concluded their feud on Sunday in a Hell-in-a-Cell match. Remarkable: The sleeping suits that The New Day wore – in the WWE-Fanshop to purchase.

– At the beginning of the show, Shinsuke Nakamura was interviewed in the ring for his upcoming World Title match against Champion Jinder Mahal. Mahal’s helpers, the Sibgh Brothers, interrupted the conversation – and steered Nakamura, who then attacked Mahal and was put down.

– Women’s champion Natalya met with Carmella on their upcoming challenger Charlotte Flair as well as Becky Lynch. Carmella kicked the end of the match as she attacked Lynch with her money-in-the-bank suitcase, Natalya then took the distracted Charlotte to the Sharpshooter and forced her to the task.

– Bobby Roode celebrated a clear victory over Mike Kanellis and then delivered a final word battle with his Hell-in-a-Cell opponent Dolph Ziggler. Roode was not able to offer anything except his spectacular invasion, Roode gave Contra – and promised to underline it on Sunday.

– Baron Corbin hit Tye Dillinger ahead of his US title match against AJ Styles – and lost a surprising defeat as Dillinger rolled in. Styles then appeared on the video screen and told Corbin not to be surprised at the defeat: his outbursts of rage and his attempts to cut his way to the top would put him in the way – an allusion to Corbin’s real backstage escapades, Money-in-the-bank case.

The results of WWE SmackDown Live:

Natalya & Carmella defeat Becky Lynch & Charlotte Flair
Bobby Roode defeated Mike Kanellis
Tye Dillinger defeated Baron Corbin
Randy Orton defeated Aiden English