WWE Monday Night RAW | Seam Shield Reunion? Roman Reigns attacked

Monday Night Raw

WWE Monday Night RAW | Seam Shield Reunion? Roman Reigns attacked

Munich – The wrestling league obviously plans a reunion of their success group “The Shield”. At WWE Monday Night RAW there are clear signals.

The rumors that a reunion of the most successful WWE grouping of past years is approaching has finally taken up the ride. Now the hints of the wrestling league are no longer to be overlooked.

In the TV show WWE Monday Night RAW, Roman Reigns – a day after his great victory over John Cena at No Mercy – became a victim of an attack by villain The Miz and his “Miztourage”.

After a clear victory over Miz, Reigns was beaten by his opponent and his assistants Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas with chairs – and as a highlight of the humiliation, the trio at the end of the line glanced at The Shield, the grouping that helped Reigns to break through ,


WWE is planning a new edition of The Shield

The Shield, who were Reigns, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose, who debuted in the WWE Main Cage in 2012, turned out to be a special mission and became hugely popular with them.

WWE Monday Night RAW | Seam Shield Reunion? Roman Reigns attacked

Two years later, The Shield split up after Rollins ‘ famous treason , and the three became singles. Now WWE obviously plans a reunion at least once, a message tweeted on the weekend a reporter of the Pro Wrestling Sheet .

Reigns, Ambrose and Rollins will be reunited for the TLC (Tables, Ladders & Chairs) event on October 22nd. At the same event, they had their first hour five years ago, winning a TLC match against Daniel Bryan, Kane and Ryback, a fight that allows the use of ladders, tables and chairs.

Fans and critics celebrated the spectacular fight. Five years later, there seems to be a new edition.

The Miz and Roman Reigns in Clinch

The match between Reigns and Miz had previously been initiated when Reigns was a guest in Miz’s interview show “Miz TV”. Already, Miz suggested a possible match between Shield and Miztourage, Reigns replied that Ambrose, Rollins, and he would be a terrible beating in such a match. All three had only other priorities, he would now chase Brock Lesnars Universal Title.

Miz and Reigns then provoked each other so long mutually, until General Manager Kurt Angle finally the match of the two fixed – with the mentioned consequences.

The other RAW highlights:

– Dallas and Axel also got a match – against Kurt Angles son Jason Jordan and Matt Hardy – whose partner and brother Jeff Hardy has to take a forced break because of a shoulder injury. Hardy and Jordan won for a Twist of Fate from Matt against Dallas.

– After losing to Champion Brock Lesnar the night before, the “Monster among Men” Brown Strowman first responded to Curt Hawkins and then challenged an open challenge. Dean Ambrose took it, beat himself, but eventually lost to the running Powerslam. Ambrose’s partner Seth Rollins initially criticized Ambrose for the Ascension Commando, but then persuaded him to challenge Strowman himself next week. Ambrose then said that it was really not a good idea.

– Women’s champ Alexa Bliss took the ring as a starting point to the fact that the upcoming main kader debut of the Japanese Asuka at TLC would get more attention than she. Her old rival Mickie James came and challenged her to a title match. Bliss answered with insults, and Mickie attacked them.

– Finn Balor confirmed his victory over Bray Wyatt with a triumph over Goldust. Afterwards the light went out and the song “He’s got the whole world in his hands” – a hallmark of Wyatt , which still does not seem to be finished with Balor.

– At the end of the show, the new cruiserweight champion, Enzo Amore, gathered the cruiserweight division at the ring – just to make each one funny one after the other and stand out as the only star of the division. Neville, unfairly dethroned, defended the honor of his colleagues and reminded Amore that he was only at the cruiserweights, because the RAW stars had thrown him out of the dressing room ( which is true ). He attacked Amore – despite a threat from Angle, that in this case he would not get a back-up around the belt. After the official end of the show, the whole division went on to Amore.

The results of WWE Monday Night RAW:

Matt Hardy and Jason Jordan defeated Bo Dallas & Curtis Axel
Elias defeated Apollo Crews
Brown Strowman defeated Dean Ambrose
Seth Rollins defeated Sheamus
Roman Reigns defeated The Miz
Finn Balor defeated Goldust
Bayley & Sasha Banks defeated Emma & Nia Jax