WWE arrives in Montreal

WWE arrives in Montreal

WWE arrives in Montreal

MONTREAL – Several World Wrestling Entertainment stars (WWE), including local favorites Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens, will be visiting Montreal on Saturday night at the Bell Center as part of the Summerslam Heatwave tour.

The fans of Quebec fight should be filled with the presence of several big names, including Charlotte Flair.

The daughter of one of the organization’s most famous faces and 16-time world champion, Ric Flair, will not be on her first visit to the metropolis, but it is still a special moment for she.

“I love fighting in Canada. In addition to Montreal, I like Toronto, confessed that will be paired with Naomi in a duel that will oppose them to Natalya and Carmella. The fans are really passionate, which makes you want to come here. “

Undoubtedly, Zayn and Owens should be among the most acclaimed wrestlers when they enter the ring. The two men from Quebec are part of the WWE elite and each visit to Montreal is a special moment for them.

“I talked to them recently and they are always very happy to come to Montreal,” said Flair, who will arrive in Montreal only on Saturday.

However, it should not be believed that making a name for yourself at home ensures that the crowd will be behind you. Flair, a Charlotte-born wrestler, has already been booed by amateurs when she took part in a gala in her backyard.

“It’s really nice to be fighting at home. Depending on whether I am on the right or wrong side, the crowd supports me. Last time I was on the wrong side. “

His own heritage

Despite her great talent and the titles she won over time, the 31-year-old wrestler has a well-known name in the wrestling world, which inevitably associates her with her father Ric.

While some may think she has to live in the shadow of the colorful 68-year-old veteran, the mainstream woman sees it as an opportunity to take over from her father who has marked the history of the struggle and who continues to do so .

“I really see it as a privilege to pursue its legacy. At the same time, I manage to make my own way. “