Rousey takes up WWE training

Rousey takes up WWE training

Rousey takes up WWE training

WWE instead of UFC? Ronda Rousey has started wrestling training.

Munich – Ronda Rousey seems to be serious: According to a report, the fallen UFC star already learns the basics of wrestling, a WWE fighter points them in.

At the UFC Ronda Rousey has probably no more future, now suggests a lot to a commitment at WWE.

As the portal Fightful reported in both sports , Rousey is already in the process of learning the basics of wrestling. She is training with WWE wrestler Brian Kendrick in Southern California.

For Kendrick no unusual task: For WWE he had already taken the basic training for the model star Eva Marie – the league has just left.

Many connections to wrestling

The news came quite unexpectedly: In July, Rousey put on a much-respected appearance at the Mae Young Classic , a women’s tournament that had not yet been broadcast, among others the German Jazzy Gabert.

Another participant is Ronda Rousey’s companion Shayna Baszler, who, like Rousey, belonged to the so-called “Four Horsewomen” of the UFC. The two other horsewomen, Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir, were also there.

Rousey takes up WWE training

Not only does her name link the quartet to the wrestling business (he plays the “Four Horsemen”, the legendary grouping around Ric Flair): Duke has already followed Baszler into the wrestling business and is also training at a wrestling school in California , Shafir has just founded a family with WWE wrestler Roderick Strong.

In touch with WWE Executive Board Triple H

Rousey is also a legendary wrestling fan, and has already made several appearances for WWE. She also has the same management as the Hollywood star WWE legend Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

A second career as a show fighter is therefore very close, Fightful says she is in contact with WWE’s Personnel Board Paul Levesque – better known as Triple H – and has expressed her principled interest in a commitment.

For WWE, Rousey’s commitment was a big deal: she was the most successful and prominent fighter and a mainstream star at UFC before her clear defeats against Holly Holm and Amanda Nunes broke her career.