Roman Reigns defeated John Cena ★ Enzo Amore new Cruiserweight Champion ★ Cesaro loses 3 teeth

Roman Reigns defeated John Cena

Roman Reigns defeated John Cena ★ Enzo Amore new Cruiserweight Champion ★ Cesaro loses 3 teeth

It could have been the wrestling show of the year. In the end the fans were disappointed. Roman Reigns defeated John Cena

In the night the WWE event “No Mercy” took place in Los Angeles – including two absolute traummatches. 

Brock Lesnar (40) was able to defend his universal title against challenger Braun Strowman (34) in the main match.

Less the result disappointed, but the real fight.

Brock Lesnar and Brown Strowman

For weeks, the wrestling fans had been fearing this battle of the two Urals. After all, the new WWE Monster Brown Strowman Lesnar was part of the “SummerSlam”.

Everyone wanted to see the match man. But when the ring gong sounded after nine minutes, disillusion broke out.


After only one F5 (Lesnar’s finishing move) the monster was struck. No violence orgy, no destruction, no adrenaline overdose. Just a normal match of two wrestlers.

Shortly after the final whistle, not only in the hall (through silence) but especially on Twitter (by violent complaining) spread the displeasure.


The accusation: Strowman was much too weak. The fans love the hens, but they have to lie down for the part-time wrestler Lesnar. Because Lesnar will take another time out in the coming months and thus as a champion not to be represented in the shows.

Reigns wins, Cesaro loses 3 teeth – this also happened with “No Mercy”

In the second mega-match of the evening, Roman Reigns and John Cena faced each other.

john cena vs roman reigns

From the beginning, both of them exchanged their most important actions.

This led to an exciting, but not high-class match. Reigns were able to win after 20 minutes. 

john cena vs roman reigns

The evening was less pleasing for the Swiss Cesaro. Not only did he, along with his partner Sheamus, lose the match for the tag team title against Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose – but also three of his front teeth.

Cesaro now has three teeth less

… and so it happened: In a “slingshot” he flew in the direction of the ring posts. Unfortunately, he did not get his hand in time between his jaw and the hard post. Boing!