Federer as fan | How important is the Laver Cup?


Federer as fan | How important is the Laver Cup?

Prague (dpa) – sparkling champagne, Roger Federer was satisfied. The 36-year-old Swiss finished the Laver Cup with a success, which could remain connected even after the end of his tennis career with the good name Federer.

“I am so proud that it worked as it did, and the time will tell how great this event will be,” said the top star. The Cup took place for the first time last weekend in Prague. In the future, competition will be firmly established on anthracite-colored hard surfaces.

It is a tournament modeled on the Ryder Cup in the Gulf: A team Europe is playing against the team world. Like the Davis Cup Tennis Nations Cup, the players compete for single and double matches. The team, which first reaches 15 points, wins the Laver Cup.

Federer served as a sign of the competition and his agency organized the event, which bears the name of the legendary Australian player Rod Laver. “I once had the vision that we should honor the great players of our sport,” said 19-time Grand Slam winner Federer. “Because of them, we can live our dream.” The new Cup is scheduled to take place annually and in different locations: for the end of September 2018 the second edition is planned, then in Chicago.

In Prague it was fitting Federer, who won the decisive point for team Europe against the Australian Nick Kyrgios.Prior to that, he was at the center of one of the highlights of the tournament: he won the double with the Spanish world star and rival Rafael Nadal. The European team also helped the German Alexander Zverev with two successes to the triumph.

The sporting relevance of the tournament still has to prove itself. It is unclear whether the event has such an attraction as in Prague, without the participation of Federer. The Swiss’s career is nearing its end. The same applies to Nadal. The ATP, the professional association of the men, and the tennis world federation are eyeing the Cup with suspicion and want to know what impact the competition will have on their events.

Points for the ATP World Cup, which Nadal and Federer continue to lead, were not available in Prague. At the same time, only top players entered the always sold out hall. And this seriously – not just as a show and fun like footballers at a farewell game of a veteran veteran.

In addition, the Federer Cup and the Australian Federer Cup also supported. Craig Tiley, the Australian dressmaker, told the New York Times that tennis needs more “cool” and “slightly different” events. “For us this is a journey, the creation of a new brand and the creation of something for the sport.”